Talent Concept

Respect Talents
We are well aware that talents are the support for the survival, development and growth of an enterprise, and we have been adhering to the "people-oriented" management philosophy. There is no difference in status between people, only differences in responsibilities. We attach importance to team building, so that each employee can fully embody personal values while accompanying the development of the company.

Talent Introduction
Establish a high-standard talent introduction mechanism suitable for enterprise development, and provide human resources guarantee for the promotion and realization of the company's strategy through continuous absorption, training and promotion of talents on a broad platform, and maximize the value of employees.

Talent Concept

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Mold engineer


Job Description
1. Responsible for completing the mold assembly and repair work on time and quality;
2. Responsible for solving the problems found in mold assembly and mold trial;
3. Participate in the review of mold design structure;
4. Actively cooperate with production, strictly "three presses" production;
5. Comply with safe operation regulations, safe and civilized production;
6. Responsible for maintaining and keeping your own tools;
7. Collect and manage the molds in the workshop;
8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.